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UniUyo Geeks Recruitment Form

Uniuyo geeks group is a group on campus that aims at promoting innovation and creativity through the use of technology..

In uniuyo, the uniuyo geeks aims at making life better by providing the following services:

1. Providing uniuyo online map which will make it easier for student to locate their lectures venues and places on campus..
2. Provide a portal which can be used for students when on academic needs like projects, assignment, term papers etc
3. Providing freewares app which can be of help to student e.g UniUyo GPA calculator


The group also aims at solving the need of communication where people with internet connection can get to connect with people with no internet connection...

We are achieved most of our aims, and also we are still working on some other to make it a reality, you can help uniuyo geeks make this dream a reality by becoming a member of the Uniuyo Geeks Group...

Benefits of becoming a Uniuyo Geeks Group:
1. You can enlightened to latest technological development

2. You will automatically train you to become a web designer as this will enable you handle most technological oriented task of the uniuyo geek

3. You will become a GEEK
Fill the form below and we will invite you for a formal orientation between any day of Mon, 15th August - Sun, 21st August, 2016. You will be contacted on your provided phone no.. For more info , contact John Mfon John on 0708-0105-012

Please note that anymore we are not recruiting at the moment


If you know of a friend that can benefit from this, share this with him/her.