Secret Revealed: "Discover in details how the Big Guys makes use of the internet to Live Large with the knowledge of 'Web design' and Web Programming."

UniUyo Geeks, an innovative group on campus is set to reveal the secrets and onions hidden in the internet in a 1 - 4 weeks Ultimate intensive Web design / Web Programming Training (with study materials) organized to cover the following packages:

*Website Design - HTML, HTML5 Javascript and CSS

*Database Management - (Both offline and Online method of managing database and accessing the datas anywhere in the world)

*Website development and Programming - (advanced form of web design)- PHP , ASP and MySql, focus is building any type of website and generating income from it.

*CMS tutorial - Here we teach you how to create websites without writing a single line of code, this is especially for people that is afraid of codes..We will make use of CMS like wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc

*How to Make money in the society and on the internet having known the above packages.

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