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How to get Schogig Credit

Schogig automatically award 50 schogig credit to users on registration which is used in sending sms, making calls and on  schoconnect (schoconnect  is a smart connection app that helps connect you when you lack airtime or when in urgent situation,  or when your friend suddenly goes offline while chatting with him.

Most users keep asking if they can replenish their schogig credit after exhaust this credit . On this page, we will list ways of adding more credit to your schogig credit.

How to Get Schogig Credit

  1. By being active :  Schogig automatically increase your credit depending on how active you are on this website, i.e how frequent you login, make reasonable post, leaving comments, liking post and so on, schogig rates and add extra credit to this kind of users. Here you are awarded bonus credit based on random mathematical algorithm and sms messages sent with bonus credit are charged @ 5 schogig credit per 1 sms page

  2. By referring people : Schogig add a fixed amount of credit if you refer user to us, the referred user needs to input your username on the registration page. Here you are awarded 20 bonus credit, the referred user gets 50 schogig credit. SMS messages sent with bonus credit are charged @ 5 schogig credit per 1 sms page

  3. By Paying for it :  If you cannot engage in the above two options to get bonus credit, you can buy schogig credit, we sell schogig credit to pay our website server bills, development bill & handle other  logistics, paid credit are not charged as bonus credit, paid credit are charged at 1 schogig credit per 1 page sms (including schoconnect messages) .  We sell schogig credit @ 2 per 1 schogig credit, for e.g if you buy schogig credit  of  100,000 worth, you will be credited with 50,000 paid schogig credit in your account and if you send sms messages with the paid schogig credit, you will be charged @ 1 schogig paid credit per sms message.

To Buy Schogig Credit, Make a bank deposit or Mobile Transfer to the account listed below:
Schogig Account No. for Buying Credit

Account Name : John Mfon John
  Account Number : 2073796031
Bank Name : United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Minimum amount : 100

After payment, send your schogig username and the amount you paid to 07080105012, your credit will be credited within few minutes after receipt and confrimation of your payment.

Call John on 07080105012 for more info on schogig credit purchase..