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Color Me Orange Akwa Ibom State

Fill your name, select protrait format and upload your picture to get your own #ColorMeOrange protrait

Select protrait format - For help on choosing protrait format, check demo below page
For single photo -(uses I AM)
For group photo -(uses WE ARE instead of I AM) -available for fullscreen protrait only

Click to color another Photo


  1. Type your name, preferably first and surname

  2. Choose your best photo

  3. Select portrait format, see demo below

  4. Click on the "Color Me Orange" Button

  5. Wait as your portrait is generated

  6. Click on download below the image to download your generated photo

  7. Post photo on social, see below instructions for tags to use


Single Photo Demo

1. Fullscreen Black and White


2. Fullscreen Original

3. Rounded Black and White



4. Rounded Original




For group, organizations or family demo - The portrait uses WE ARE THE instead of I AM, available for only full screen, see sample below

1. Black and White



2. Original

Use tag #OrangeSeptember , #schogig_app  when posting your generated picture on social media...

We will post pictures with the highest likes as demo here and on our social handles..

This app is developed by JOHN JOHN MFON , any error or suggestion, contact +234(0)-708-0105-012 or email @