Meet the people's representative, Hon. (Otuekong) Nse Essien, member representing ONNA state constituency in Akwa Ibom state house of Assembly.

The Honorable member is known for his effective representation of his people in the state house of Assembly as well as his lofty contributions toward sustainable development and more particularly in strengthening human capacity index in Akwa Ibom state by focusing on youth empowerment.

Otuekong Nse Essien is one of the most eloquent members in the hallow chamber, very vocal and sound, a true advocate of his people who is always sponsoring people oriented bills poised to affecting the lives of Akwa Ibom people positively. This and many more have however, made the honorable member to stand out distinctively from his Contemporaries.

In the past 3 years as the people's representative, The honorable member has done beyond expectations in meeting the dreams and aspirations of his people while addressing their concerns promptly.

He has many quintessential and meritorious awards to his name, including, The Assembly man of the year award, Exceptional Leadership award, and Akwa watch legislator of the year 2016, to mention but a few.

Subsequently, since his assumption of office as honorable member in 2015, Otuekong Nse Essien has empowered over three thousand Akwa Ibom youths and women to attain self Sufficiency and reliance.

As a versatile leader, the amiable Honorable member has given hope to many people in the state, including less privileged and inmates in different prisons across the state by single-handedly paying for the realease of several inmates who were discharged but could not afford to pay for their fines, while many received financial supports courtesy of Otuekong Nse Essien. These he does during his annual visit to prisons.

As the Technical Director of all state owned football teams in the state, the sport loving legislator's contributions and support to the development of the sport sector in the state remains strategically unprecedented and cannot be overemphasized.

Otuekong Nse Essien has awarded scholarships to more than 200 youths across Akwa Ibom State and had sponsored a reasonable number of youths in the acquisition of various skills.

ONNA behold your worthy representative.

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