With a humble heart, I beg for a minute or two of yours to bring to you a sad and touching story of a 7year old Akoche Anyebe in Benue state.

The activities of Herdsmen in parts of Nigeria now have become alarming, where a community can just be wiped out within a single night, where the crying of innocent and common citizens in rural communities is on the rise day after day. Due to this insecurity in our nation today, wives have turn widows and husbands turn widowers, families have been displaced, while children turn orphans.

This was the case of Akoche, whose parents where brutally killed in the attack between farmers and herdsmen in Benue State of Nigeria. Little Akoche was hit on the head with a metal which led to him having a fractured skull.

He was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi where he was admitted for treatment. He was later transferred due to the severe nature of the fracture for a Neurosurgery in India.

Little Akoche needs about N8.6m for the surgery in India. The SAVE LIFE FOUNDATION calls on well meaning Nigerians to pray, support and donate to Little Akoche for his hospital bills. Nothing is too small to save a life and create an impact in the life of this tender orphan boy who is in dying need of our help.

You may make payment to the account below:

Bank: Diamond bank
Account number: 1114095844
Account name: Sampson Friday.

God bless you for your support and effort in restoring hope to little Achoche.


See photos of Achoche

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  1. | February 28, 2018 @ 12:49 pm| Reply
    OMG! God have mercy on human

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