What is IML?

IML is an acronym for International Markets Live. It has existed in more 120 countries offering services pertaining to forex trading , MLM and the rest.... It's founder Christopher Terry , a six figure earner has earned a good reputation in the financial market...

In 2013 IML launches it's Multi Level Marketing platform... And as such, it  platform had a boom in the financial market and in the forex market recording significant success...

There had been a problem with IML over the years, Nigerian who had been trying so hard to access IML services were not accepted in the platform...

But the good news has come.....

Hurray to Nigerians, IML is now live in Nigeria... with no exclusion to its amazing services ranging from autotrader, IML academy, harmonic scanner, it's MLM services etc......

With this, you can make not less than a million each week... Those who know IML can testify to this fact.....


  1. The Forex Market - one of the largest financial market in the world

  2. MLM - another successful market


This is a opportunity on a platter of gold

Attend the free orientation on IML which contain everything you need to know about IML including its services, signing up on it and making six figures income out of it

It's free to attend

IML launch in Nigeria

Venue : Jabita Intercontinental Hotel, 147 Obafemi Awolowo Way, opp Airport Hotel, Ikeja LAGOS.

DATE : Dec 10th, 2016.

Time : 11.30am

Contact Info :  +2348123117831 (Alban - IML Nigeria leader) , +2347080105012 ( John - IML ICT expert)

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  1. Scholar1234 | July 30, 2017 @ 3:03 pm| Reply
    Good move

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