For you to be an entrepreneur you shouldn't depend on jobs but you have to CREATE one so you can succeed in whatever area you find yourself. You have to have streams of income not just one so if one fails you can carry on with the other ones and try to bring up the one that has fallen.
You need MENTORS so you can educate yourself and learn a skill..Create avenues to empower people and create job opportunities because you can't succeed alone, think about other people, be a blessing to them.
NEVER give up, be a person of tenacity, have a vision, discover who you are and take steps towards that direction.
Don't be stagnant, develop yourself. Make your capacity large.
Be in control of what happens to your life, don't allow life to happen to you. It does not stop at being just an entrepreneur or being in an organization or establishment, you need things that will get you higher. Be unique, what do you know that the other person does not know? What is the impact of it to the society? You should be able to organize and manage these so the risk involved will be dealt with and you will be able to make profit.
You should be able to create something new and different. When you make up your mind don't be stagnant. If you can't run, walk, if u can't walk, crawl but just keep moving...
In being an entrepreneur you have to be original, think about new things people do not know about, don't be a copy cat.. But that doesn't mean you can't try what others have done, but find a better way to do it..
If you desire to succeed start now, i mean right now, never give up, make up your mind, have the die hard spirit..
Partner with someone(Collaborate) we will talk about that much later. Talk to people who have ideas about such things, seek advice and work on them. Get acquainted with people in that field..
One important quality you need to cultivate is Patience, don't be in a hurry, businesses do not grow in one day.. Just like a seed it needs time to germinate so nurture your business.. While you pursue your dreams DO NOT QUIT...
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