This post is for those that did not make it in the UniUyo first admission....

Now that uniuyo 2016/2017 Supplementary form is out, it is important that you don't mess up with this chance...

This post will guide you on what course to supplement....

If you have a pretty low jamb score, it's better you go for course that is less competitive.

Based on the above fact, I advice you go through Statistics below and then decide the course that is less competitive based on this fact...


1st   choice candidates

(1)Accountancy/ Accounting=2,061

(2)Accounting Education =88

(3)Agric-Economics And Extension=108

(4)Agricultural Engineering=62

(5)Agricultural Science And Education=106


(7)Animal Science=39


(9)Banking And Finance=635


(11) Botany And Ecological Studies=35


(13)Business Management=2,763

(14)Chemical Engineering=403


(16)Civil Engineering=1,091

(17)Communication Arts=1,435

(18)Computer Education=33

(19)Computer Engineering=827

(20)Computer Science= 1,056

(21)Curriculum Studies=18


(23)Education & Economics=205

(24) Education & Mathematics=45

(25)Education & Music=2

(26)Education & Physics=30

(27)Education & Religious Studies=102

(28)Education & Social Science=91

(29)Education And Biology=380

(30)Education And Chemistry=58

(31)Education And Efik/ Ibibio=2

(32)Education And English


(33)Education And French=6

(34)Education And Geography=27

(35)Education And History=11

(36)Education And Integrated Science=30

(37)Education And Political Science=362

(38)Education And Science=9

(39)Education And Social Studies=258

(41) Education Fine Art=5


(43)Electrical / Electronics Engineering=1,300

(44)English Language=394

(45)Estate Management=289

(46) Fine And Industrial Arts=86

(47)Fisheries And Aquaculture=18

(48) Fisheries And Aquatic Envrionment Management=6

(49)Food Engineering=41

(50)Food Science And Technology=173

(51)Forestry And Wildlife=8


(53)Geography And Regional Planning=180

(54)Guidance & Counselling=302

(55)Health Education=164

(56)History And International Studies=464

(57)Home Economics=39

(58)Home Economics And Education=14

(59) Human Anatomy=110


(61)Land Surveying And Geoinformatics=152


(63)Library Science=220



(66)Mass Communication=2,017


(68)Mechanical Engineering=1,059

(69)Medicine And Surgery=4,253



(72)Petroleum Engineering=1,405



(75)Physical Education=70



(78)Political Science=2,144

(79)Pre-Primary And Primary Education=143


(81)Quantity Surveying=109

(82)Religious And Cultural Studies=71

(83)Sociology And Anthropology=583

(84)Soil Science=18

(85)Special Education=29


(87)Technical Education=18

(88)Theatre Arts=487

(89)Urban And Regional Planning=117

(90)Vocational Education=12


It is important if you supplement, it should be courses in your faculty, if you have a course you applied for listed in the supplementary, you can also give it a try, a friend of mine actually got admission to the course of his choice through supplementary...

If you don't know departments in your faculty, follow this link..

Drop a comment if you have any question or so...


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