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This was posted by a 300level students and is very helpful to those UniUyo student who didn't make it in first list.

I have been of great help to people in this group, if I had anybody who helped me the way I'm helping you guys, I would have been in level 300 or 200 now.

But I thank God that his grace and mercies are sufficient unto me nd I'm admitted this year.


Years back,Uniuyo used to have second list but they changed later on to supplementary and this supplementary is just like a second list but you need to apply for it.


Experience is always the best teacher and wil always be, because if I dint experience it I wouldn't have had the baldness to tell u guys.

I wil spend my time to narrate what no lecturer will narrate to you guys, I'll subscribe my phone just to make sure you guys don't fall a victim of what happened to me last year,I will use the time I would have used to catch fun with my online friends to bring a genuine information to your table but you wil turn me down nd some of you call me names. I'm not surprise because no matter what a man does, every body can't support him.

Let me help you guys again.


When the supplementary form is out, Uniuyo will list the number of courses available to be supplemented. Some of you wil see the same course you applied for and you were not admitted in the supplementary form.

Let me shock those that applied for other courses apart from




Mass com.

And some core engineering courses.


If you dint apply for any of this 4 courses listed above in jamb and the screening, you wil be surprise to see your department in the list of the supplementary courses.

Uniuyo normally admit students into a department and they wil keep space in that department for those that wil apply in the supplementary.


If you applied for the courses I listed above and you where not admitted, please please and please don't expect to see those courses again among the supplementary courses.

Because they have been filled up and there is no space there for anybody again. If you are still waiting for the second list and you wish your name wil appear in any of those courses listed above, please change your mind because medicine, law,mass com,pharmacy and some other courses as been filled.

If you applied for a particular course but you were not admitted in the merit list and you still see that same course among the supplementary courses, you can try your luck and apply for it in the supplementary if you don't wanna change to another course, you may be favoured and you may not be favoured.

There is a lecturer I know in the school and he is working in the admission board, he told me that if my name does not appear in the merit list, he wil help me during the supplementary.

I asked him why he dint want to help me in the merit list, he told me that the merit list is always on grades.

He also told me that he wil disclose something to me after the merit list is out, so when the merit list came out I asked him to disclose it, he gave me the number of aspirants that applied for the screening in different departments.

He sent it to my phone via WhatsApp. He told me that he dint wanna disclose it to me because I may faint due to the number of aspirants in my department.

So I'm gonna help you guys by uploading the information here, you gonna select a course that u like, minus those courses I listed above because they wil not be among the supplementary courses.

You wil look for a department with less aspirants and you jamb subject combination nd O'level subject combinations are in good terms with the course, then apply for it.


Uniuyo second list is the supplementary list.

You gonna buy the form when it is out.

If your name does not appear in the supplementary list, just forget about Uniuyo for this session, because the wil be no other list after supplementary list.

I'm not forcing anybody to agree with me and mind you, if don't see any truth in what I'm saying don't mislead those that sees the truth in it with silly comments.


N/B your name wil not come out in the supplementary list if you don't buy the form and apply for it. It was 1000 naira last year, I don't knw how it wil be this year.



1st   choice candidates

(1)Accountancy/ Accounting=2,061

(2)Accounting Education =88

(3)Agric-Economics And Extension=108

(4)Agricultural Engineering=62

(5)Agricultural Science And Education=106


(7)Animal Science=39


(9)Banking And Finance=635


(11) Botany And Ecological Studies=35


(13)Business Management=2,763

(14)Chemical Engineering=403


(16)Civil Engineering=1,091

(17)Communication Arts=1,435

(18)Computer Education=33

(19)Computer Engineering=827

(20)Computer Science= 1,056

(21)Curriculum Studies=18


(23)Education & Economics=205

(24) Education & Mathematics=45

(25)Education & Music=2

(26)Education & Physics=30

(27)Education & Religious Studies=102

(28)Education & Social Science=91

(29)Education And Biology=380

(30)Education And Chemistry=58

(31)Education And Efik/ Ibibio=2

(32)Education And English


(33)Education And French=6

(34)Education And Geography=27

(35)Education And History=11

(36)Education And Integrated Science=30

(37)Education And Political Science=362

(38)Education And Science=9

(39)Education And Social Studies=258

(41) Education Fine Art=5

(42)Efik-Ibibio=2 (43)Electrical / Electronics Engineering=1,300

(44)English Language=394

(45)Estate Management=289

(46) Fine And Industrial Arts=86

(47)Fisheries And Aquaculture=18

(48) Fisheries And Aquatic Envrionment Management=6

(49)Food Engineering=41

(50)Food Science And Technology=173

(51)Forestry And Wildlife=8


(53)Geography And Regional Planning=180

(54)Guidance & Counselling=302

(55)Health Education=164

(56)History And International Studies=464

(57)Home Economics=39

(58)Home Economics And Education=14

(59) Human Anatomy=110


(61)Land Surveying And Geoinformatics=152


(63)Library Science=220



(66)Mass Communication=2,017


(68)Mechanical Engineering=1,059

(69)Medicine And Surgery=4,253



(72)Petroleum Engineering=1,405



(75)Physical Education=70



(78)Political Science=2,144

(79)Pre-Primary And Primary Education=143


(81)Quantity Surveying=109

(82)Religious And Cultural Studies=71

(83)Sociology And Anthropology=583

(84)Soil Science=18

(85)Special Education=29


(87)Technical Education=18

(88)Theatre Arts=487

(89)Urban And Regional Planning=117

(90)Vocational Education=12



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