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It has happened that the first batch uniuyo 2016/2017 admission list is out . While some people are jubilating because they made it in the first list, it is unfortunate that some people did not make it.

If you are among those that didn't make it, don't panic,.it's not the end of life, it's not even yet the end of the matter..

This post will guide you on the next line of action,... So what will be your next line of action

  1. Keep checking on the uniuyo e-portal, there have been a case that someone name did not appear on the admission e-portal for the first few times of checking, and after a while checked back to discover his/her name has been released. It might be that they made a mistake while their were uploading the admission details and later corrected it. So don't relent, keep checking..

  2. Look out for second admission list (Supplementary list). Over the years, it is always a convention that UniUyo do release their second list (supplementary list) after the first list has been released. So lookout for the when the second admission or supplementary list will be out... You can do that by always checking on this website for updates as we will provide the update once it out. From the school e-portal there is hope for supplementary list, below is screenshot .

[caption id="attachment_453" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Uniuyo E-Portal Uniuyo E-Portal[/caption]

3. Check the pasted list:  Normally after uniuyo must have released their admission list , the university management do send the list to each faculty which is usually pasted on the faculty notice board... So take a walk to the faculty notice  board and check the notice board for admission list, if your name is there, follow up the matter....

If you have any question, drop it now in the comment, don't forget to share this post with a friend...

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