Oh! Already in school to make melly with Morphology and Syntax , I realised I left it at home while preparing hurriedly to join my aunty who was actually headed for plaza. Oh! Wah da f**k(swear words) my Oral Cavity uttered, "finally you are going spend that money" so I trekked to the new plaza(udi street) jumped on a keke going to oron road, the keke man said "where you go stop for oron rd", I said "obio imo by oron rd", i hope say you get change" and I replied "yes I do", like I was taking a marital vow with the keke man. We met a traffic jam along Abak road, there's this Toyota yaris at the other lane, the wind-screen was dirty and one those lil guys who washes cars wind-screen for just #20 offered to help him clean his but he declined and chased the dude away, much to the little boy's disappointment, he refused to accept his offer even when it was evident that is wind-screen was dirty....

Does it ever occur to you that by denying that little boy that #20, you may have denied someone their daily bread?

The people from the middle to the top of the economic pyramid does not understand the responsibility bestowed on them by society they created to make impact on the less privileged. They fail to understand how privileged they are that they can afford both their needs and want. Those down the economic pyramid sometimes look up to you to make their lives better, even some places of worship with bountiful offerings do not care if their members have what to eat when they get home. They created the crimes in this country because no Society that is selfish can rid itself of crimes, diseases and poverty by relying only on the government to do so.

By creating the society we wish for, we only need to help out just a little to make someone's life better...

This is Written by Hanson Udeme

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