When I first came into campus I often see students at night dressed as if they were going on a camp retreat. Some of them would wear huge sweaters, thick hand gloves and matching stockings which often portray them as astronauts getting ready for a launch into space.

There were often those who would carry long wrappers with food flasks safely tucked in their bags before setting off into the night. Where are these students going to? I asked a fellow student. ” E clear say u be fresher” he said, looking at me like I was some sort of a small child who needed to be told the difference between A and B. They are off to night class, don’t you know exam is fast approaching? he responded and hurried to catch up with his friends as they set for night class. The next day, I decided to join the night class train.

I arranged the list of courses to read, took my sweater and my reading lamp because I was told that the school authority usually puts off the school generator by 2.00am and that the classes are usually cold at night. I strolled hurriedly from my hostel to the faculty of education. On getting there, I noticed that the whole classes were filled up with students squeezing themselves in-order to read together. What a comfortable way to read, I said to myself sarcastically. To make matters worst, there were scores of students waiting impatiently outside each class to carry out a displacement reaction on anyone that might venture out of the class thus resulting to a strong exchange of words when the owner of the sit returns to find out that he or she has been displaced, and such incidents also occur during lectures too(its a normal occurrence). To avoid any rancour with anyone, I quietly set out to 49/50 on getting there, I thought I had entered a night market rather than a night class. However, the classes were not as filled as those in the NEDU Block so I quickly made my self comfortable in one of the classes. When I brought out my book to read, I noticed the guy sitting next to me was stretching out his neck to see the book I was going to read. After taking a full glance, he smiled and whispered faintly to himself but I was sure I heard what those big lips of his muttered out, “fresher” that is what he said. I looked at my GST 112 textbook with the bold heading ”Philosophy and Human Existence” which was staring back at me as if to tell me that I am not in the same league with the dude sitting next to me for he was reading a textbook so big you would think he was actually using it to find out the location of a lost treasure. After two hours of intense concentration, I heard a trumpet so loud that it could have single-handedly fallen down the walls of Jericho and the great wall of china put together.

Yes! It was the snoring of a student whose large nostrils was positioned right in front of me. The girl sitting behind me had since left leaving her books behind after a guy came in to call her to a closed door meeting. After awhile I came out to answer the call from Obama(to pee) and was moved by the number of people I saw clinging on to their phones and holding it close to their ears. I looked at my watch, it was past 1:45am, I immediately knew it was the hours of night call. Gush! I couldn’t concentrate and my eyes were heavy? I closed by eyes to sleep but was suddenly woken up from shouts all around me to find a guy being beaten by fellow students. According to the story, his hands had wondered far into a girl’s blouse. The girl had raised an alarm which prompted quick action from other students to pounce on him. I couldn’t sleep again that night and waited for eternity for the morning to come. Someone in the class caught my curiosity, it was a guy sleeping on one of the chairs, I noticed he had been sleeping even before I came into the class. He was suddenly woken up by his phone’s alarm. He stared at his watch, packed his books and hurried out of the class for it was already morning. When I got to M2 that morning, I slept like a log of wood for hours. After I woke up, I relayed the event of last night in my head and boy! It was truly an overwhelming experience....

Looking forward to read about your 1st Experience too...


This story is Written by a University of Uyo Student Hanson Monday Udeme

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