There are so many talented individuals in Nigeria. The amazing thing about these inventors is their determination and zeal to make it in life. 

see the young Ekiti boy who invented fan to support his family

Some people are born to be great, whether they are being born in the village or in the city, they would possess certain traits and qualities that would point out to people that they are marked for greatness.

The environment has little or no influence on someone’s creativity. There are so many talented individuals in the society that have no access to education. They are disabled people who do not have their physical disabilities to prevent them from forging on in life.

The story of this little Ekiti boy would inspire people all over the world to do the best they could. People get motivated to do things based on so many reasons. This little boy did what he had to in order to improve the standard of his family living.

Naturally, this should warm your heart because some adults do not know the meaning of the word ‘responsibility’ and even those who do are not doing anything to embrace it.

This young Ekiti boy named Bisi is talented. He has started inventing things as small as he is. Bisi was definitely not born with a silver spoon as he dropped out of school when he was in primary five.

He started making fans in order to support his family. He made these fans using an aluminum sheet, viju milk containers, soap case, plastic pipes, papers and other materials he could see in the environment.

We have to agree at this point that it is not everyone that could come up with this kind of invention. And for someone who knows what it means to be hungry, Bisi deserves all the credit here. He could have joined a bad gang who would lure him into doing evil things in the society but he did not.

Bisi’s mother has a grinding machine which she makes money from when she grinds for neighbours in addition to the sales of produce from her farm. His father is a mechanic who repairs bikes in Aiyegbaju Ekiti.

This young boy’s invention works perfectly well when he places ‘Tiger’ batteries in them. He attends ceremonies and uses his fan to generate a cool breeze to people who grace such occasion in hope that they would give him money. Whatever amount he is able to generate, he takes home to his poor mother.

This young boy walks around looking for people who would fancy his invention and give him money for the breeze generated by his assembled fan. This boy has loads of potentials stored in him if only he could find the right person or group of persons who would give him that desired push in life.

Hopefully, his story would inspire the young ones out there who love being fed with a spoon. Life would have a different meaning if people put their talent to use. You never can tell when that golden opportunity would come.

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