Fair skin is very popular in African countries, so women try to bleach and become more attractive. Here is why you should never ever marry a bleacher! And that’s hard to do, as over 70 percent of women in Africa bleach their skin!


Bleachers look good, while you date them. Inevitably, when we date, we try to show the best versions of self to our partners. And that’s enjoyable, but when you marry the person, you get it all: the good, the bad and the ugly.

And the ugly you see only when she takes off all the makeup! That mostly happens after the wedding, as she would not take the risks of it. Bleachers severely damage their skin. They can even end up having skin cancer or ugly ulcers on their face, hands and other body parts. Bleaching is popular but very dangerous.

bleacher skin

Some men complain that when their wives take off the makeup, they are scared to look at them. The turn into ghostly creatures and the people do not even wish to share the same bed with them.

Moreover, these women need many expensive skin treatment creams and makeup stuff. Paying for her bills can be costly. You would be forced to give her that money if you wish the woman to look decent in the public.

And bleaching can quickly become an addiction. Women have a hard time stopping doing it. They spend half of their husband’s income on the new remedies and treatments. They ruin their health and their family budgets, too.

So, after all, natural beauty pays off well. Bleaching may be fashionable, but it is unnatural and harmful. Do not buy into the fair skin beauties if you know they are bleaching. Now you have some good reasons not to marry one.

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