About CII and the UniUyo Geeks  : What is it all about


What we mean by #CII,  it's all about connecting, innovating and inventing, the #CII has already started and will be a continuous process, it's live on  http://schogig.com, it's  coming under the umbrella of Uniuyo Geeks Group , our next step is  to get UNIUYO CONNECTED and then we moved forward to CONNECT the WORLD


Here is how we get UNIUYO CONNECTED


1. We believe by solving problems of the uniuyo student with the use of technology, #cii is achieved .


2. We rolled out a feature on schogig that enables student easily calculate their GPA @http://www.schogig.com/freewares/uniuyogpa/


3. We are working on a project to enable student easily locate places and lectures venues on campus, at least this will solve the problem of students missing EXAMS, TEST and lectures because he/she didn't know the venue.

4. Provide First Class info of the happenings on the campus


5. And so more



1. We will work on strategy to get the world more connected..


2. We know Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, Google has gotten the world connected, we intend to do it a different way, and unique.


3. We intend launching a network where people that are CONNECTED ON THE INTERNET can get connected to other people (maybe friends and relatives) with NO INTERNET and vice versa , for e.g in the case of whatsapp, when your friend is offline , he can't get ur message unless he is online and with internet connection, we throw more light on this later


4. Solving emerging problems of the world, for e.g we built a JAMB POINTS SYSTEM CALCULATOR @ http://www.schogig.com/freewares/jamb-points to enable JAMBITES easily  calculate their points based on JAMB new point


5. and much more...

General Notion about #CII 


1. It does not centers on schogig

2. It consists of any project that is capable of connecting, innovating or inventing.

3. As at now, it is breed in uniuyo geeks group..

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