– A joint security force comprising of the military, the police and the NSCDC have continued bombardments of creeks in Lagos and Ogun

– In one of such operations, they came across a bank teller with the signature of a former militant leader based in Benin

– Victor Kowei, the former militant leader, has spoken out concerning what he knows of the teller discovered in a creek in Ibafo

In what appears like a confessional statement, a former militant leader in Edo state, Victor Kowei, has denied having anything to do with a bank teller found by military operatives during their operation in Ibafo creeks in Ogun state.


File photo of militants operating in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Kowei, in a confessional statement he issued and made available to journalists in Benin, the Edo state capital, said the teller which bears his name and account number was not his property but that of one Isaac Okiriji who paid the money into his account.

He threatened to institute legal action against any security agency that harassed him over criminal activities of militants operating in the creeks of Lagos and Ogun states.

The ex militant leader who claimed that he knew Isaac as a student of College of Education, Ekiadolor in Edo state, said he was surprised that the teller with N5000 payment was found in the militant creeks.

He added that it is only Isaac that could explain how the teller got to Ibafo creeks and not himself, the account holder.‎

According to him, the N5000 was balance payment of the N35,000 owed him by Isaac who he said agreed to remit same out of the N65,000 monthly stipend to ex-militants.

“Isaac was a student and he begged me to make him a beneficiary of an amnesty slot of N65,000 per month to enable him cope with the financial burden at school.

“I gave him the slot on the agreement that he would remit some part of the money to me every month immediately he gets alert.

“Out of greed, Isaac did not honor this agreement and he was taking the whole money until January, 2016 when I caught him and we agreed again that he would be remitting N35,000 out of the money to me.

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