It is pathetic that Angel Obrien was shot dead by cultists on Tuesday 2nd Aug 2016 at around 2:50pm.
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People may be wondering what lead to the pulling of the trigger and the release of the bullet, some speculations have aroused to what might have been the cause

1. He flown the colour

Angel O'Brien shot dead

From the pics he took before the killing and as when gunned down, it is observe that he put on RED CAP and RED SANDALS, colour associated with the Viking, this is easily describe as flying of color and this easily draw the attention of the rival cultists...

He is also observed with this color on another occasion, see pics belpw

Angel O'Brien flying cultist color

2. Cute thug

Imsu graduate shot dead posing with gun

He once uploaded a picture posing with toy gun with the caption "CUTE THUG" , this have raised speculations that he might have been posing with real gun in secret....

3. Lover boy matter

Being a cute fine boy, the case of the shooting may be from girlfriend snatching or maybe the cultist girl
being in love with him. cultists do not like the fact of any boy playing along with their girl...

This pics below can show he do relate with girls

Fb post about imsu graduate

This is based on speculations but as well drive a message about the shooting...

RIP Angel O'Brien

picture of imsu graduate shot dead

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